• Our Story

      Hi there and welcome to Travelin’ Tavern! My name is Kylee and after five years in the corporate banking world, I was left yearning for more and wanting to work for myself. I

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    • Check Out Our Trailers

      Vintage cars, trucks and trailers all bring us back to simpler times where we live in the moment, without distraction and that is the exact feel Travelin’ Tavern likes to offer our customers.

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    • Mobile Bartending With A Classic Flair

      Let's Get Hitchfaced!

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    • Testimonials

    • Hired these guys for a work event and they did amazing! Very creative and allowed us to customize the drinks!

      Shandra ~ Facebook

    • Great service! Awesome addition to any party! We were at a private party and Travelin' Tavern was there setting up the shots, beers, you name it! It was great! Everyone had a great time!

      James ~ Facebook

    • Such a great addition to any event! An easy way to wow your guests with an exciting touch! Never disappoints! Great customer service and they truly take pride in their work!

      Sheanna ~ Facebook